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"Anidri Villa"

Beautiful Holiday Home with Stunning Views over the Sea

For Rent: Medium-sized Villa in idyllic Cretan Mountain Village

If you are looking for a comfortable holiday home in a quiet, picturesque location, making the perfect space for a sunny holiday (beach and/or walking/cycling in stunning, unspoilt nature), you have come to the right place: we have available for rent an extraordinarily gorgeous villa.

This beautiful house - offering space for 2 couples plus teenagers - has recently been built and is now available for rent. Everything is brand-new, from the appliances to the decoration. The design emphasises natural, simple materials (Jerusalem stone and wood), and creates a stylish, warm, spacious and comfortable atmosphere.


Anidri Villa

A space for a perfect holiday, all year round

The house is located in a small village on the Western South coast of Crete, offering gorgeous views over the sea. It is set amongst olive and carob trees, on a South-facing slope, with stunning sunrises and sunsets. The villa is surrounded on all sides by a sumptuous veranda, which allows you just the right amount of sun, shade, breeze. It is designed to be cool in the summer, and comfortably warm in the winter. There are views to the sea in two directions: the main view to the South towards the 'Libyan Sea' and Anidri beach; and the view to the Southwest and towards the nearby tourist town of Paleochora and the sea there.

The village Anidri is a special place, combining traditional Greek charm with modern facilities and a cosmopolitan atmosphere - providing a home for a small local community and a dedicated contingent of tourists, away from the mass tourism and concrete hell of Northern Crete. You are secluded even from the low-key bustle of Paleochora - which, however, is only a few minutes' drive away and will provide for all your needs of modern civilisation.

All in all, we have tried our best to make this the perfect base for an ideal holiday, working with the land and the climate to create an easy, comfortable and effective living environment. For most of the year you will want to walk around bare-foot, with the wood and Jerusalem stone comfy and soothing to the touch. But it's the perfect place also during the winter - we try to go at all seasons!

Don't take our word for it - see some of the praise and comments from our previous guests here.

About the House as a Holiday Home

It is an unusually stylish, comfortable house, offering accommodation for up to two couples, plus teenagers. The open-plan design of the living area and the gorgeous all-round veranda afford the best combination of indoor comfort and Greek outdoor living. You find more detail about the house and its layout here.

The design is simple, and creates a natural and spacious atmosphere. At the same time the house is equipped with sufficient modern technology to take care of your creature comforts and make life easy and enjoyable.

Modern eco-oriented technology and facilities

The villa has a state-of-the-art solar system (SolarFocus), providing for all your heating and hot water needs (of which there will not be many in the summer, but you will learn to appreciate it during the rest of the year).

It also features a clean-burning Dunsley eco-stove to back up the solar system during those rare sun-less days (only 35 days per year and blue skies the rest of the time). The stone-tiled ground floor has underfloor heating throughout, giving a gentle but effective source of warmth in the winter (in practice it's needed for only 10-12 weeks in the year).

The house is furnished with new and modern appliances, and the kitchen is very well-equipped (as we are using it ourselves when on holiday!) - it has a gas hob and an electric oven, not only allowing you to be self-catering, but to actually enjoy it.


Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, mild in spring and autumn

With these features, "Anidri Villa" provides a 'home from home' all year round. You keep cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and it's consistently mild in the spring and autumn - and everything under sunny, blue skies.

Anidri Villa Tour

Where to go next?

Take the video tour - our amateur film (this is a few years old now - 2013 - the garden looks very different now):

For details about layout and rooms, see The House.

For a quick visual tour of the house and the location, have a look at our photo gallery.

For information about the village Anidri, nearby Paleochora and the area generally, see The Location.

For all the practical details of how to book, prices, availability, see below:

Prices (what's included and excluded & Booking Procedure),

Calendar (availability of the villa & other relevant information and links)

Contact (how to get in touch with us - praise and comments from previous guests)

We have put together for our guests a substantial information document about our Anidri Villa (we email this to you once you have booked, but on request we are happy to send you a copy), to both help you choose to come and to enjoy your holiday whilst you are here. We want to make sure that you know what to expect and that the place is right for you. We have been coming to Anidri for about 12 years now, and there are many bits and pieces of information that will make a big difference to your holiday and your enjoyment and well-being whilst you are here.


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