Anidri - an idyllic Cretan Village

The village Anidri is a rare location, retaining a laid-back quiet traditional Greek atmosphere, but attracting a cosmopolitan crowd to its famous Kafenion which offers an unusual blend of Greek and European cuisine. The Kafenion is the heart of the small local community, and you find here all the help and information you want as a tourist, as well as a charming social life.

The tiny and quiet mountain village of Anidri is situated in a sunny valley, about 1.5 kilometres from the beach as the crow flies (or 40 minutes' gorgeous walk down the picturesque valley). With the car it takes about 5 minutes' drive to get to the sea, and 10 minutes to get to Anidri beach itself where you can find isolated bays, as well as more populated areas with two cafes and beaches with deck chairs and umbrellas.

About the Area

Anidri is located on the South-West coast of Crete, near the tourist town Paleochora, about an hour's drive from the nearest airport, Chania.

The West and especially the South-West of Crete are protected from the mass tourism of Northern Crete by a chain of mountains, offering a mild, sunny Mediterranean climate (sheer endless blue skies - 330 days of sun per year) and unspoilt nature. There are miles and miles of small, secluded bays and beaches, as well as a few well-developed ones, with sunbeds, umbrellas and beach cantinas.


PaleochoraVia a 3-mile-drive through the stunning Anidri Gorge you get to the old fishing village Paleochora. It is the touristic and agricultural centre of Southwest Crete, situated on a small peninsula, offering all facilities and amenities expected in a tourist resort, but without any of the noise and bustle. No hotels or houses are higher than three storeys, the centre of town shuts down for cars every evening, chairs and tables come out and people eat on the street or on the pretty promenade, facing the sea.

On the western edge of the peninsula you find 'sandy beach', perfect for families and young children. On the eastern coast is a pebble beach, which stretches for several kilometres, all the way to Anidri beach.

Paleochora offers several supermarkets, open-air cinema, internet cafes, car and bike hire, many cafes, bars and restaurants as well as stylish boutiques and many other shops to take care of your every modern need.

On the other hand, the area retains its traditional charm and culture, with all restaurants being run as family businesses, part of a network of extended families. Many families retain their connection with the land, having their own animals and olive trees, and so much of the food is home-made, sometimes home-grown.

South-West Crete

Crete is the largest island in Greece, stretching West to East for about 300km on the Southern edge of Europe. Most of the inhabitants are concentrated on the North coast which is flat and populated, and - especially to the East of the main town Heraklion - covered in concrete and connected by motorway all along the coast for the benefit of a certain kind of tourist.

The South coast could not be more different: the mountains and cliffs do not allow rushed travel; there is no big road along the coast, and the Libyan sea stretches calm and tranquil most of the time.

Sun seekers who want a peaceful holiday in an environment of natural beauty will find countless places to spend the day by the sea. If you are looking for an idyllic and romantic holiday, this is the perfect setting. If you want a quiet beach holiday with the family, the area provides everything you need at affordable prices.

It's an unspoilt piece of Europe, with just enough civilisation and shops and supermarkets to make life comfortable. The mountains invite hikers and bikers and there are many beautiful walks, including to the nearby ancient Minoan site of Lissos. If you are into walking or hiking, there are several beautiful gorges (Irini Gorge, Samaria Gorge and others) within a range of 30 to 60 minutes drive.


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I have prepared two Google maps, one for Paleochora, one for Anidri. You can also find lots more information in our Links section.

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