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"Anidri Villa" - 'home from home' in the sun

About the house and the layout in general

The house is arranged over two floors, with the cooler bedrooms and main bathroom on the ground floor, and the living area covering the whole first floor, comprising kitchen, living/dining room and a small office area. The whole ground floor is laid out in Jerusalem Stone, a luxurious and aesthetic material, whilst the first floor is made from wood, allowing you to spend the day walking barefoot.
The everyday reality of life in this blessed climate is that you will want to be outdoors, but not in the baking heat. Our house has as a sumptuous, all-round veranda that provides that outdoor living space. There is always a spot where you are sheltered from direct sun, unless you positively want to seek it out. The indoor living area remains cool and comfortable, and has a spacious feel, due to the high roof and a mezzanine platform which stretches all across the back wall, providing further space.

The Rooms: first floor - living area

The kitchen

The light and airy open-plan kitchen has a gas hob and electric oven, a large fridge/freezer and dishwasher. Standing at the spacious sink, you are facing East, with a view towards the sunrise over the mountains whilst preparing your breakfast. The kitchen is well stocked with modern gadgets and utensils, making food preparation comfortable and easy.

You can sit indoors to have your food, in the dining area (e.g. when it is windy), or you have a dining table on the veranda, allowing you to eat facing the sea, or have drinks in the night under the very starry sky.

The first-floor veranda

The covered veranda stretches around the house, from the front entrance in the East, all along the South. The veranda to the West is open, as by the time the sun gets there, it is ideal for sunbathing and for enjoying the stunning sunsets. It's an unusually spacious veranda, with an exquisite Jerusalem Stone floor, allowing you to be outside all day, without getting burnt, and exposing you relentlessly to the stunning view and the surrounding beauty of the sea and mountains.

There is a dining table and comfortable seating as well as two sunbeds and some plant pots - and the indoor luxuries of the living room and kitchen are just a few steps away.

The living room/office area

The indoor dining area is cozy, with space for three people around a small table. Next to the dining area, there is a TV and music centre for your entertainment. There is currently no satellite reception, but you can watch your own DVD's. The music centre plays all kinds of DVD's and CD's, plus you can plug in your mp3-player. We also have a multi-media player that connects to the TV, and allows you to watch movies in different digital formats - just bring a USB-drive with your movies, to plug straight in.

Further along, we have a small office area, with a simple office table. Here is also the one big air conditioning unit we have installed. It is powerful and easy to work (although we refrain from using it, as it consumes a lot of electricity!). The window to the North - facing the mountain - lets in a cool breeze most of the time.

The mezzanine platform

Older kids and teenagers will love this space - accessible via a pull-out wooden ladder, it provides ample space (we do not allow children younger than 12 up there, as there are no railings). The platform has the same wooden floor as the living area, a bigair mattress and additional storage space.

Front entrance & toilet

The front entrance is simple and modest, taking you straight into the high-ceiling living space - allowing the heat to rise and the space to be comfortable and cool. Next to the entrance, a second small toilet has the same Jerusalem Stone design as the bathroom, and a stylish sink.

The rooms - ground floor

The bedrooms

There are two bedrooms, with a slight difference in size, both in terms of the rooms and the stylish Ecofurn beds, with the master bedroom offering a sumptious king-size bed, whereas the other bedroom has an ordinary double bed. Both rooms have built-in cupboards and a table each. There are electric fans above the beds in both rooms. The aim here was to create an atmosphere that is simple, natural and uncluttered.

The bathroom

The heart of the bathroom is a spacious, modern, powerful shower - an essential ingredient in this climate. The bathroom makes it easy to take frequent showers, and is inviting and functional, covered all round in Jerusalem Stone tiles. Alongside the toilet, here there is also a corner for the washing machine as well as cleaning utensils and materials.

The stove seating area

At the bottom of the stairs we have space for a seating corner to which we retreat during the winter. Our modern clean-burning, smoke-free Dunsley stove - as well as heating the rooms - also contributes to the heating of the water, both for hot water and the underfloor heating. Here also is the back entrance, allowing you easy access to the West-facing ground floor veranda and steps up and around to the back of the house.

The ground-floor veranda

This veranda stretches across the South- and West-facing sides of the house. An old olive tree gives shade to the West, and the back of the house also provides an out-of-sight corner for the washing line.

Around the house

In the immediate vicinity around the house we have managed to save several olive trees, one near the front gate, one right in front of the house (providing cover from the neighbours), and one old and established one in the West.

Around the house we have several landscaped terraces, with a variety of productive fruit trees - our guests are welcome to help themselves to anything that grows. We have many citrus trees, some figs, mangoes, peaches, apricots, pomegranate, loquat and others. The rest of our land (mostly stretching up above and West of the house), has plenty of olive and carob trees. These olives are ready for harvesting in November/December, for oil production (i.e. not a tasty variety for eating - we will need to plant those).

Some years ago we added a wonderful outside shower for you to wash with a view, and a stylish sink, so you do not even have to enter the house for these.

The rest of our land

Our land is bounded at the top by an unasphalted road, leading to the next village and a few houses higher up the hill. In the top corner of our land is our large water tank (45 cubic meters). The slope is covered in olive and carob trees, but you need to be sure-footed as the hill is quite steep. During the spring and autumn, you can find quite a variety of flowers, but the most successful plant as yet is a thorny bush called macchie.

In the vicinity

We have three immediate neighbours - houses to the Southeast, South and Southwest. Locally, these are known as Kaufmann's, Annette's and Hemmer's houses. Kaufmann's house was one of the first to be built quite a few years ago, all the others including ourselves are more recent.

The road to our house - in the past it used to be an old donkey trail - continues past Hemmer's house to the village well (there is an old basin, no longer used, so now there's not much to see other than a big pipe). From there, the road becomes a footpath that leads down to the mainroad (just a couple of minutes' walk, but steep in places), and it takes another minute to walk to the centre of the village and the Kafenion.

For further details about the village and the location in general, see here.