Booking Calendar - check availability of our "Anidri Villa":

A yellow bar with initials across several days or weeks indicates that the respective period is already booked. We keep this calendar up-dated fairly regularly, but to make absolutely sure whether certain times are available or not, it's always best to send us an email or call us on the phone to check - here are details on how to contact us.

Also, if a particular period is already booked, we may be able to suggest alternatives (although, of course, none as beautiful and ideal), in Anidri and surrounding area.



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Further Information and Links:

Here are the beginnings of a comprehensive list of all the information you will need to organise your holiday smoothly, easily and affordably. Any other questions or contributions you can make to this will be much appreciated.

Eventually we will upload all our travel and holiday tips and recommendations to our Anidri Villa blog here.

Local Links:

Paleochora weather forecast - Meteo, Paleochora weather reports - detailed

South Crete Individual - our friends Kinna and Roland offer help and answers to all your needs and queries as a visitor

Travel - getting to Crete:

You can find a useful summary of getting to Crete by plane or ferry here. For charter flights it's best to search the internet, as these change all the time, and are largely available during the summer only.

It's usually best to fly to Chania - the drive from there to Anidri takes about 90 minutes, if you are not used to the winding road through the mountains. It is possible to fly to Heraklion and drive from there - it takes about 3 to 4 hours. You can also go by bus - buses are cheap and not much slower than driving yourself.

Flights to Chania (or Iraklion)

Aegean Airlines: one of the two Greek airlines with scheduled flights to Chania

Olympic Airlines: the other Greek airline with scheduled flights to Chania

easyJet: now have direct flights from the UK to Chania

Ryan Air: have started flying direct from UK to Chania in 2012

Für Flüge von Deutschland nach Chania:

Car Hire:

The local car hire company in Paleochora is Notos. During the summer they sometimes have one-way rentals available from Chania or Iraklion. We can usually get you a good deal with KritiPlus in Chania. Other people have recommended AutoClub.